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Derek Dearden

Lifelong Serial Entrepreneur

I didn't know what to expect when I started reading the Expert Liberation Manual... but I quickly realised this book could be destined to be a classic!

I read it twice in the space of 24 hours, and I'm about to read it again and make a bunch of notes.

I've been promoting my own businesses online since 2002, yet this landmark book has already helped me to see where I could organise my business to do even better. Thank you Ben!

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Patrick M. Powers

Sales-Funnel Expert

This book contains a solid system for anyone looking to escape the 9-5 or create an extra income on the side.

This is a goldmine of case studies and practical examples that make it very easy to follow the framework.

What is Expert Liberation  & How Could it Change Your Life?

If you have a talent, expertise, or passionate interest, Expert Liberation gives you a clear, easy-to-follow, step-by-step process for taking your special skill and turning it into a viable home-based business.

So if you find yourself stuck in the nine-to-five right now, or worse, worrying about the future of your job and your employer... this could be the PERFECT time to get into this program.

All you need to start today is your own ideas, your passion, a journal to write in, and something to write with! Everything else you need is in the Expert Liberation Manual.

You'll get: the full Manual that you can start working through today, in PDF format (epub and mobi coming very soon!)... plus I'll be adding an audio version if that's better for you... and you'll also get a full twelve months' access to all the bonus materials I'll be creating for you, including expert interviews, case studies, and lots and lots of additional examples that could inspire you in your business.

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Simon Jordan

Branding Guru

Expert Liberation is an excellent book that will help you to tap into your hidden genius and create the life you want to live.

What People are Saying About Expert Liberation

We are facing challenging times right now with this pandemic. Ben Hunt has recently published a book called Expert Liberation designed to help people adapt to these changing times through entrepreneurship.

The book is arranged into four concise phases...

  • Concept: Finding your "One Thing" that is distinctive, useful, clear and powerful and building a core offering from your "One Thing".
  • Design: Learn about a concept called the "Stack" to visualize your "One Thing" solving real world problems for your target audiences. This is your road-map to confidently planning how you will help your ideal customers.
  • Build: In the build phase, Ben will help you develop the essential elements to create a solid customer journey and the tools to consider to get your customers from an unaware state to product aware with a high intent to buy.
  • Growth: The growth phase brings together all the phases to simplify the growth stage of your business with a proven approach to expand your reach.

The Expert Liberation framework is built of the decades of experience that Ben Hunt has not only put into his clients businesses but his own successes through his shared knowledge and networks.

I cannot think of a better time than to plant your own tree in the ground and grow your own successful business then right now. The Expert Liberation hits the mark.

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Brian McFarlane

Marketing Automation Specialist