November 22

When is it OK to have more than one “One Thing”?



In this video update (23 minutes), I share some recent developments in my own range of offerings and how I have expanded it to address my own different interests, making hobbies pay, variations in personality types, and also seasonality.

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Ben Hunt

With 25 years' experience in web design, marketing, technology, and business I have explored a huge range of approaches to success. Expert Liberation reflects my passion for helping other experts to discover true financial and personal freedom.

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Outreach Discipline

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  • Quote from Kurt Vonnegut …”When I was 15 I spent a month working on an archeological dig. I was talking to one of the archeologists one day during our lunch break and he asked those kinds of “getting to know you” questions you ask young people: Do you play sports? What’s your favorite subject? And I told him, no I don’t play any sports. I do theater, I’m in choir, I play the violin and piano, I used to take art classes. And he went WOW. That’s amazing! And I said, “Oh no, but I’m not any good at ANY of them.”

    And he said something then that I will never forget and which absolutely blew my mind because no one had ever said anything like it to me before: “I don’t think being good at things is the point of doing them. I think you’ve got all these wonderful experiences with different skills, and that all teaches you things and makes you an interesting person, no matter how well you do them.” And that honestly changed my life. Because I went from a failure, someone who hadn’t been talented enough at anything to excel, to someone who did things because I enjoyed them. I had been raised in such an achievement-oriented environment, so inundated with the myth of Talent, that I thought it was only worth doing things if you could “Win” at them.”

    • Love it, thank you. The key point is, you can actually have a hobby as one of your One Things, even if you’re not great at it. There’s likely a lot of the herd following behind you on the path, even if you’re not the leader, so there are plenty of people you can serve and help… your way.

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