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My mission is to help you break out of the 9-5
so you can finally live a life you love

  • Human beings did not evolve working 40++ hour weeks... and honestly that doesn't make us happy!
  • Yet, many of us have unique experience, skills, talent, and passion that can help others.
  • Expert Liberation is a step-by-step method to turning your special knowledge into your own BUSINESS, get out of the 9-5 and start living a truly FREE life!

Hi, I'm Ben Hunt. My mission is to use my marketing experience to help you to create your own business and work when you want, where you want.

About me

Ben Hunt

Creator of Expert Liberation

I have been involved in online marketing since 1994. Starting out as a web designer, I created a massively successful blog site in 2004, where I shared my web design expertise.

That led to an ebook that made around $250k in sales, then an online course that created a similar amount of revenue. This showed me the incredible potential of online products. I have also written other books, and consulted and spoken at marketing conferences and seminars around the world.

If I had known back then what I know today, I would never have had to "work" another day in my life.

The fact is, if I had invested in my own business, and done the right simple steps each day, I could easily have refined my expertise and turned it into an ongoing, passive business that I could have run from anywhere in the world, with just a few hours' investment each week.

Instead, I jumped around from project to project and job to job, instead of focusing on building something for myself. It took me several more years than it should to realize my dream lifestyle.

I have now taken all my experience and turned it into a clear, simple guide for creating your own business, so that you can enjoy the benefits of being your own boss while immersing yourself in your passions, and helping others at the same time!

Why I Created Expert Liberation

The world needs experts more than ever, and the market for online courses, books, podcasts is massive and growing every day.  We are witnessing a democratization of information, realizing that the traditional "experts" in the ivory towers are increasingly out of touch. In every area of life, from business & finance to health & spirituality, wherever you look it seems the freshest and most useful information is coming from citizens, not academics and professionals.

It is your time! Time to take your personal expertise, sharpen it, and take it to market with a brand that inspires. There are plenty of people out there who would love to discover what you know, and you can package your area of knowledge in a way that they will gladly pay. I know, because I have seen this time and again. It is easier - and cheaper - than ever to reach millions of new customers.

Time is the most valuable thing you own. Every hour or day or year that goes can never be recovered, and none of us knows how long we have in this life. So if you are still stuck in the nine-to-five, you are selling your precious time for money, week-in, week-out, month-in, month-out... the years go by and you never seem to get on top. You need to keep working. And for what? For the promise of a pension and time to enjoy it, IF you're lucky enough still to have your health!?

We don't have to keep slaving away for that wage check... if you take the step to start building your own business and being your own boss. And the great news is that you can start that today, with an investment of only around one hour per day. That's what Expert Liberation promises. I can show you the way, you only have to take the first step!

About Expert Liberation

Expert Liberation is a simple program in four phases. You can learn all about these in the free course introduction here. Honestly, those introductory videos (almost two hours) could be enough to set you on your way. They are yours for free, because I want to give you every opportunity to get the benefit of this unique work.

The free introduction videos will give you the framework you need to work on your own business. Of course I cannot cover the full range of options you have for business design, build, and ongoing content ideas in just a few hours. That's because new platforms and channels come and go constantly, which is why I'm creating the Expert Liberation Club. Being part of the Club will mean you have access to the latest up-to-date insights and tips on how to build, sell, and promote your products and services, plus a plethora of case studies showing you how other people like you have found success.

How I can help you...

As I make clear in the free videos, the difference between success and failure in Expert Liberation so often comes down to getting your concept right. The good news is, you don't have to do this on your own! I am very happy to help you with a personal consult (either by the hour, or a two-day intensive program where we set out to design your whole business!).

At the very least, I strongly recommend you join the Expert Liberation Club, where you'll have access to a growing library of detailed videos that take you through all the marketing channels and platforms you may need, and -- more importantly -- insights into how to take your Expert Liberation to the next level through the examples of other entrepreneurs' case studies.

Free Intro Videos


Get a great, quick overview to the Expert Liberation Program

  • 2 hours of free videos
  • Understand the 4x Phases
  • All you need to get going
  • Totally FREE
1-1 Coaching

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Get the benefit of my years of direct experience and personal  input on your ideas. Just one hour with me on video chat could make all the difference to your success!

Expert Liberation Club

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  • Community support
  • Many, many more videos
  • Entrepreneur success stories
  • Content ideas, advice on PR, design, SEO and much more...



Simple, fast and effective flexible move

  • Working time 24/7 all days
  • Free Tea & Coffee
  • Max 15 team members
  • Superfast wifi
  • Free Kitchen



Simple, fast and effective flexible move

  • Working time 24/7 all days
  • Free Tea & Coffee
  • Max 15 team members
  • Superfast wifi
  • Free Kitchen



Simple, fast and effective flexible move

  • Working time 24/7 all days
  • Free Tea & Coffee
  • Max 15 team members
  • Superfast wifi
  • Consultance

What People Are Saying About Expert Liberation

“Social proof comes with customer testimonials.”

“Customer testimonials are a powerful conversion element. Display them here to demonstrate that your product has many customers and that those customers are very happy with their purchase.

We like to do what many others have done already. There's safety in numbers. Testimonials can be used to give your visitor that sense of safety."

Shane Melaugh
- Job Title

“Here's what the perfect testimonial looks like..."

“The perfect testimonial looks a lot like this one: it has a heading (this shows the best part of the testimonial), one or two paragraphs of text, an image, a name and (optionally) a role to go along with the name. Also note the use of quotation marks in the testimonial text."

Samantha Allen
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“Can you ever have too many testimonials?"

“It's a fair question: can you have too many testimonials?

The answer is: you can, but the problem is usually not the amount but the quality of the testimonials. If you have good, enthusiastic and real testimonials that mention specific details and benefits, don't shy away from adding 10, 15, 20 or even more to the page.

Just don't add a ton of boring or generic testimonials.

Shane Melaugh
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