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4. What's so wrong with the J.O.B. lifestyle

5. What's so amazing about the Expect Liberation lifestyle!

6. The role of the (liberated) expert

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8. Concept: Introduction

9. Business Design: Introduction

10. Build: Introduction

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Growth: Introduction

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What people are saying about working with Ben

We have been working with Ben on getting a unique idea started,one that does not lend itself easily to a cookie-cutter approach.

Apart from his excellent expertise & experience as a marketer, there are 3 things I found quite remarkable:

  • First of all, Ben is an amazing listener. He truly gets the deeper gist and his questions are leading to the essence of what you have to offer.
  • Secondly, Ben has a true gift for translating a somewhat dry business proposition into a unique concept, bringing it to life by eliciting an emotional response.
  • Lastly, Ben is what I would call a truly inspirational guide, as he is encouraging a big picture view, larger than what one would even dare to dream, but then bringing it back to the basics for the next steps on the road.

All in all, working with Ben has been a revelation in terms of inspired marketing

Michaela Trnka

Medical Doctor
Co-creator of "The Joyce Method"

My work with Ben Hunt in Expert Liberation has been nothing short of amazing...

First, I have been procrastinating on starting my new online business for several years... feeling like something was missing.

And after just a few sessions with Ben, he nailed it and discovered the missing ingredient that ties it all together.

Now I am ready to take control and make a step by step plan. I feel like I can't fail on my journey, because I have a guide that knows the territory! A true web wizard!

Dave Karp

"The Truth Whisperer"

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Photo credit: Picture of boy used in videos is by Porapak Apichodilok from Pexels